The Next-generation API Observability Platform

How do you know if a small code change can take down your site? What's really going on with your APIs? At Akita, we're building tools to help you answer that question.

Akita watches calls to web APIs in order to help you visualize your service graph, monitor your APIs, make sense of your request/response logs, and 💥 catch breaking changes 💥.

By passively watching traffic, Akita integrates in a low-friction, low-risk way, making it possible to run in CI/CD, staging, or production without too much overhead. Akita's API modeling technology to automatically catch breaking changes.

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API Requirements

Right now, Akita generates OpenAPI 3 specs on a subset of all supported content types.

Our roadmap includes gRPC and GraphQL, so please get in touch if you're interested and we'll let you know when that's ready.

Supported Content Types

Akita currently supports the most popular API content types and we are working to add new content types. We welcome requests!

Supported Content-Types include:

  • application/json
  • application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  • application/octet-stream
  • text/plain
  • application/yaml
  • application/x-yaml
  • text/yaml
  • text/x-yaml


Character Set Support

By default, Akita supports the UTF-8 and ASCII character sets. If your API is using a different character set (example: latin-1) you will need to specify it using the charset attribute in the Content-Type header.

Should I use apidump or collect my own HAR files?

You can determine if your API is compatible with apidump by running the following cURL command against one of your API endpoints. This command will make a request to your API and return just the headers we need to determine compatibility.

curl -s -o /dev/null -D -

After successfully running the command above you should see output that looks something like the example below. To determine if your API is supported by Akita ensure the value in the Content-Type header is listed in the Supported Content Types table above. In this example, the Content-Type value is application/json which is supported by Akita.

HTTP/1.1 200 
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2020 23:21:19 GMT
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

If you can't use apidump, don't worry! You can still generate HAR files from your browser or proxy tool.

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API Requirements

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