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Diff API Models

Our API diffing capability allows you to compare API models across test runs, across production runs, between production and test, and more. To help with this Akita makes it easy to diff any two API Specifications in just 4 clicks!

Step 1: Start a Diff

To start a diff, click the 'Diff' button at the top right of the API Specification list.

Step 2: Select API Specifications

After clicking 'Diff Specs', checkboxes will appear next to each API Specification. Select the API Specifications you want to diff by clicking the corresponding checkboxes. Once you have selected the API Specifications click the 'Diff Specs' to complete the merge.

🎉 You Did It - Browse Your Diff!

At the top level, each Spec Diff lists the endpoints that have been added (green), removed (red), or changed (yellow).

Clicking on an endpoint that was added or removed will show the structure of the endpoint, including fields and data formats of valid requests and responses. Endpoints that send or receive sensitive data formats, such as email addresses or telephone numbers, are marked with a flag icon to the right of the endpoint name.

Clicking a yellow endpoint shows the fields and data formats that were added, removed, or changed in the request or responses. It also shows a syntactic diff of the endpoint.

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Diff API Models

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