The Next-generation API Observability Platform

How do you know if a small code change can take down your site? What's really going on with your APIs? At Akita, we're building tools to help you answer that question.

Akita watches calls to web APIs in order to help you visualize your service graph, monitor your APIs, make sense of your request/response logs, and 💥 catch breaking changes 💥.

By passively watching traffic, Akita integrates in a low-friction, low-risk way, making it possible to run in CI/CD, staging, or production without too much overhead. Akita's API modeling technology to automatically catch breaking changes.

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Upload an Existing API Spec

Akita supports uploading existing API specs for comparing against Akita-generated specs, for the purposes of detecting drift.

Supported today:

  • OpenAPI 3

Coming soon:

  • Other OpenAPI formats
  • GraphQL
  • gRPC

Uploading an existing spec using the command line


You need Akita CLI v0.11.0 or above

akita upload --dest akita://{SERVICE}:spec /path/to/spec

Uploading an existing spec using the Web UI

Simply use the Upload button on the service page to select the OpenAPI 3 spec to upload. JSON and YAML are both supported.

Diff Against another Spec

Once your spec has been uploaded, you'll be redirected to the spec view. On the page, you can use the dropdown to select another spec to diff against.

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Upload an Existing API Spec

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