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The only observability tool to build API behaviour models, Akita enables API-centric system monitoring and allows users to automatically detect breaking changes.

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With Postman Collections

Akita easily integrates with Postman to generate API specs from your Postman Collections.

Step 1: Run Akita CLI

Run the Akita CLI on the same machine as the one where your Postman Collections run. You will need to know which port that requests in your postman collections use to connect to your API (e.g. port 80).

akita learn \
  --service my-service \
  --filter "port {PORT}"

Step 2: Run Your Postman Collection

Simply hit "Run" and you're all set.

Relevant docs from Postman: https://learning.postman.com/docs/running-collections/intro-to-collection-runs/#starting-a-collection-run

Step 3: Stop Akita CLI

Stop Akita CLI by sending SIGINT (Ctrl-C) to the process. You should get a link to your API spec!

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With Postman Collections

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