Akita Client v0.20.3

Not released publicly.

Akita Client v0.20.2

Updated survey library to v2.3.2.

Akita Client v0.20.1

  • Added akita aki command.
  • Fixes to Flickr plug-in.

Akita Client v0.20.0

  • Disabled collection and uploading of events that don't match the user-specified packet filter.
  • Support for capturing TLS connections for inclusion in the service graph.
  • Akita plugin no longer overwrites field formats set by custom plugins.

Akita Client v0.19.1

  • Better handling of text/html and unknown media types.
  • Cleaner reporting of TCP packet reassembly issues (might happen in the presence of jumbo frames).
  • Improved CPU and memory performance.

Akita Client v0.19.0

  • Disable collection of outbound witnesses by default.
  • Added akitasoftware/plugin-flickr as the "flickr" plugin.

Akita Client v0.18.5

  • Display that no edges have been returned in a service graph if that is the case.
  • Update to protobuf v1.5.

Akita Client v0.18.4

  • Added akita get graph to query service graph.
  • Introduced --cluster as an alias for --service.

Akita Client v0.18.3

  • Account for API change in timeline subcommand.

Akita Client v0.18.2

  • Use plugins when uploading witnesses
  • Better warning messages when Akita Cloud throttles witness uploads
  • Ignore and warn about any empty regexes for including/excluding hosts and paths when capturing packets.