Akita Client v0.21.19

  • adds per-host packet capture telemetry, useful for investigating which hosts are receiving HTTP vs. encrypted (HTTPS) traffic

Akita Client v0.21.18

  • Traffic events larger than 30 MB are no longer sent to Akita
  • Improved error messages during packet capture caused by architecture mismatch

Akita Client v0.21.17

  • Improved explanation of packet-capture permission errors
  • Treat authorization headers in responses as a normal header

Akita Client v0.21.16

  • Recognize HTTP/2 traffic and mention it in the traffic summary.
  • The 'learn' command is now an alias for 'apidump'. Previously, it caused a model to be immediately built from just the captured traffic. This is no longer done; instead, the captured traffic is automatically integrated into the models that are periodically built and displayed on the Akita Console.

Akita Client v0.21.15

Improved parsing of non-standard JSON.

Akita Client v0.21.14

Improved parsing of JSON payloads. Previously, the parser strictly rejected JSON payloads if strings contained control characters. We now remove control characters before parsing.

Akita Client v0.21.13

Improved the packet-count information that gets printed during packet capture.
Added statically linked Linux binaries for amd64 and arm64.

Akita Client v0.21.12

  • Fixed cookie parsing. Previously, cookies were not present in API models.
  • Fixed the DEB package to add appropriate capabilities to the binary, so it doesn't need to be run as root.

Akita Client v0.21.11

A small compatibility fix in the apt package: /usr/local/bin/akita is now a symlink to the binary's new location, /usr/bin/akita. If you are still using /usr/local/bin/akita, this symlink will be removed in a future release. Please migrate to /usr/bin/akita.

Akita Client v0.21.10

  • The 'upload' command is now deprecated and hidden.
  • Include count of TLS handshake messages in telemetry.
  • Send telemetry about startup errors to the back end.
  • The apt package now includes a systemd service file. The location of the client binary is moved from /usr/local/bin to /usr/bin.