Akita Agent v0.23.0

Removed the apispec and upload commands. Use apidump instead.

Akita Agent v0.22.1

  • include the agent's CPU/memory usage and runtime environment metadata in telemetry reports
  • exclude traffic to api.akita.software from telemetry reports

Akita Agent v0.22.0

Added the ecs command for integrating with AWS ECS.

Akita Client v0.21.20

Added support for a Docker Desktop extension.

Akita Client v0.21.19

  • adds per-host packet capture telemetry, useful for investigating which hosts are receiving HTTP vs. encrypted (HTTPS) traffic

Akita Client v0.21.18

  • Traffic events larger than 30 MB are no longer sent to Akita
  • Improved error messages during packet capture caused by architecture mismatch

Akita Client v0.21.17

  • Improved explanation of packet-capture permission errors
  • Treat authorization headers in responses as a normal header

Akita Client v0.21.16

  • Recognize HTTP/2 traffic and mention it in the traffic summary.
  • The 'learn' command is now an alias for 'apidump'. Previously, it caused a model to be immediately built from just the captured traffic. This is no longer done; instead, the captured traffic is automatically integrated into the models that are periodically built and displayed on the Akita Console.

Akita Client v0.21.15

Improved parsing of non-standard JSON.

Akita Client v0.21.14

Improved parsing of JSON payloads. Previously, the parser strictly rejected JSON payloads if strings contained control characters. We now remove control characters before parsing.