Akita Agent v0.26.2

This release fixes a breaking bug in v0.26.2 that prevented the agent from contacting the Akita cloud services.

Akita Agent v0.26.1

This release supports using a Postman API key for authentication via the POSTMAN_API_KEY environment variable. This mode can be used with akita apidump and akita kube inject.

Akita Agent v0.25.1

Fixed and improved help messages for the kube command.

Akita Agent v0.25.0

Added akita kube inject and akita kube secret commands to inject Akita as a sidecar in Kubernetes deployments.

Akita Agent v0.24.0

Added support for the Akita NGINX module via the nginx command.

Akita Agent v0.23.1

  • Added the --proxy option to connect through a web, HTTPS, or SOCKS5 proxy.
  • Added the --skip-tls-validate option to disable TLS-certificate validation when connecting to api.akita.software.
  • Added the --server-tls-name option for providing an alternate TLS server name to accept instead of api.akita.software.

Akita Agent v0.23.0

Removed the apispec and upload commands. Use apidump instead.

Akita Agent v0.22.1

  • include the agent's CPU/memory usage and runtime environment metadata in telemetry reports
  • exclude traffic to api.akita.software from telemetry reports

Akita Agent v0.22.0

Added the ecs command for integrating with AWS ECS.

Akita Client v0.21.20

Added support for a Docker Desktop extension.