Akita Client v0.21.12

  • Fixed cookie parsing. Previously, cookies were not present in API models.
  • Fixed the DEB package to add appropriate capabilities to the binary, so it doesn't need to be run as root.

Akita Client v0.21.11

A small compatibility fix in the apt package: /usr/local/bin/akita is now a symlink to the binary's new location, /usr/bin/akita. If you are still using /usr/local/bin/akita, this symlink will be removed in a future release. Please migrate to /usr/bin/akita.

Akita Client v0.21.10

  • The 'upload' command is now deprecated and hidden.
  • Include count of TLS handshake messages in telemetry.
  • Send telemetry about startup errors to the back end.
  • The apt package now includes a systemd service file. The location of the client binary is moved from /usr/local/bin to /usr/bin.

Akita Client v0.21.9

  • Print the version number on startup.
  • The --log-format option (controls how the client formats its logs) is no longer hidden.
  • Added telemetry for reporting how the CLI is used. To opt out of this, set AKITA_DISABLE_TELEMETRY=true in the environment.
  • Fixed a bug that caused HTTP parsing to fail in certain cases.

Akita Client v0.21.8

  • Ensure requests and responses with JSON-encoded custom content types are parsed as JSON while retaining the custom content type. This fixes a bug introduced in v0.21.7 where all custom content types were parsed as binary blobs.

Akita Client v0.21.7

  • Preserve custom content types. Previously, custom content types that could be parsed as known content types (e.g. application/json) were renamed to the known content type.
  • Disable collection of TCP and TLS metadata by default; this can be enabled with --report-tcp-and-tls if needed.
  • Deprecated akita get graph.

Akita Client v0.21.6

  • Memory-usage improvements
  • Fixed a bug in decompressing HTTP bodies

Akita Client v0.21.5

  • Deprecates the following commands, which are either no longer relevant or replaced by the Akita app:

    • apidiff
    • apispec
    • learn
    • setversion
  • Deprecates the --deployment flag. We recommend creating separate projects for different deployment environments, e.g. my-project-staging and my-project-prod.

  • Deprecates the --service flag and replaces it with --project.

  • Fixes a bug that prevented the apidump command from saving results to a local HAR file.

Akita Client v0.21.4

  • Allow CLI to measure HTTP server latencies up to ~60s

Akita Client v0.21.3

  • The Akita Client better tolerates errors during packet capture. If errors occur on an interface, packet capture continues on other healthy interfaces.