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Drop in Akita for instant API observability.

Powered by eBPF and state-of-the-art API traffic modeling algorithms, Akita enables any developer to understand and track API endpoints and their usage in real time:

  • See API endpoints. Get a continuously up-to-date, searchable map of your API endpoints, fields, data types, and more. Export as OpenAPI specs.
  • Get drop-in API monitoring. Get an automatic per-endpoint view of volume, latency, and errors—without having to make code changes or build your own dashboards.
  • Quick understand the impact of changes. Keep track of the endpoints you care about and identify how new deployments impact your endpoints.

Simply drop Akita into your system to understand your system behavior, without having to use a proxy or instrument code service by service.

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We're currently in beta and would love to have you give us a try! Join our beta here.


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