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Designed for any developer or SRE, Akita uses eBPF and state-of-the-art API traffic modeling algorithms to power a drop-in solution for understanding and monitoring API behavior.

More about how Akita works

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Drop the Akita agent into your staging and production systems for "one-click" observability:

  • Visualize your service graph.
  • Automatically monitor API endpoint behavior.
  • Understand your API behaviors (and generate OpenAPI specs!).
  • Catch breaking changes.

What Makes Akita Different

  • Low-friction, low-risk deployment. Being eBPF-based means we're completely blackbox. Installing Akita requires no code changes and no proxying, making it possible to easily deploy across all parts of your systems, including legacy APIs.
  • Automatic, structured modeling of API behavior. Akita automatically models your API traffic in a structure way to help you understand your API behavior and how it changes. Akita automatically learns API endpoints, data types, and more.
  • High-level, developer-centric reporting. We're building for busy developers and developers who may have parachuted into a code base they're now responsible for building on. No in-house observability expertise required to understand Akita dashboards!

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