Chrome Extension: OpenAPI Spec Generator

The Akita OpenAPI Spec Generator makes it easy for people to try out our API map generation without needing to run the Akita agent. The Spec Generator is a Chrome Extension and works by recording API activity on any AJAX website.

With the Akita OpenAPI Spec Generator, you can get a sense of how Akita automatically builds API models from traffic. Simply set up your Akita account, start recording your website clicks, and watch the Akita traffic analyzer do its magic. With the Spec Generator, you get:

Step 1: Install the Chrome extension

Add the Akita Chrome Extension to Google Chrome.

Step 2: Connect to Akita

In Chrome, navigate to View > Developer > Developer Tools and select the Akita tab.


Create an API key and secret to connect the extension to your Akita account and enter it here.


Click "Click here" to open the Akita app in a new tab. Create a project that describes the service(s) you're observing, such as "chrome-test" or "linkedin-apis". Then switch back to the Akita Chrome Extension and choose your project from the project dropdown menu.


Step 3: Start collecting traffic

Click "Start recording" to start capturing traffic from websites you visit in the main section of your browser tab. Be sure to click through the website to generate API calls to the website's backend service. You can see Akita's progress in the status window in the Chrome extension.


When you've captured some traffic, click "Stop recording". In just a few minutes, Akita will turn the API traffic in to an OpenAPI3 spec. Click the "Akita app" link to explore your API map and download your API spec in the Akita app.


Now that you're set up, you should be able to generate an OpenAPI spec for any AJAX website. Simply open up the Akita extension in dev tools and press "Record."

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