The Next-generation API Observability Platform

How do you know if a small code change can take down your site? What's really going on with your APIs? At Akita, we're building tools to help you answer that question.

Akita watches calls to web APIs in order to help you visualize your service graph, monitor your APIs, make sense of your request/response logs, and 💥 catch breaking changes 💥.

By passively watching traffic, Akita integrates in a low-friction, low-risk way, making it possible to run in CI/CD, staging, or production without too much overhead. Akita's API modeling technology to automatically catch breaking changes.

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Managing Teams

Akita is more fun with friends! Up to this point, we've focused on the basics of generating an API specification, but we haven't yet discussed how to go about sharing that base with teammates. Luckily, Akita Teams was designed to support effortless collaboration.

Getting Started

Now we'll show you how to:


Team Membership Limitations

Users can only belong to 1 team at a time. To join another team the user will need to leave their current team.

Invite a User to Join Your Team

Navigate to the Teams page

To invite a user to join your Team, start by heading over to the Akita Console and navigating to the 'Team' page. You'll find a link to the Team page in the left-hand navigation bar.

Send an Invite

The Team page shows you all of your current team members and pending invitations. Click the ' Send Invite' button to invite a new user.

In the 'Sent Invites' dialog, you can provide the email address of the users you would like to invite. When providing multiple email addresses, be sure to separate them using a comma. When you're ready, click 'Send' to dispatch your invites.

Manage Invitations

The Team page also allows you to manage pending Invitations after they have been sent. Under the 'Invitations' header, you will see a list of all your pending Invitations. To resend an invite, simply click the 'Resend Invite' button on the appropriate invitation. You can also revoke an invitation by clicking on the 'X.'

Accept an Invitation as a New User

Accept the Invitation

New friends are often the best kind! When you invite a new user to Akita, they will receive an email to accept your invitation. To start the process, the invitee needs to click the 'Accept Invitation' link.

Create an Account

After clicking the 'Accept Invitation' link, they will be directed to log in to Akita. As this is a new user, they will need to click 'Sign Up' and create an account before joining your team.

Complete the Invitation

Once your teammate has created and activated their account, they will be able to log in to Akita. Upon logging in, they will be prompted to accept your invitation. Once the user clicks the 'Accept' button, they will be added to your team.

Accept an Invitation as an Existing User

Inviting an existing user to join your team is largely the same as inviting a new user. The user will receive an email to accept your invite and, upon logging in, will be prompted to join your team. The difference between the two flows is that existing users will be warned about losing access to certain resources.

When users accept this invitation, they will lose access to the Services, Specs, and API Keys created in their previous team. Additionally, any API Keys will be revoked as a security precaution. Users can always postpone accepting an invitation by clicking 'Maybe Later.'

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Managing Teams

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