How Akita Works

Akita watches your API traffic for automatic discovery and dashboards


What Makes Akita Different

  • Low-friction deployment. The Akita Agent uses a technology called eBPF to watch your API traffic blackbox, without requiring you to give access via an SDK. Installing Akita requires no code changes and no proxying.
  • Low-risk deployment. The Akita Agent runs in your servers, sending back only request/response metadata to the cloud. Our servers never see your sensitive data.
  • Automatic, structured modeling of API behavior. Akita automatically models your API traffic, automatically inferring API paths to provide per-endpoint monitoring and alerting.

Let Akita watch your traffic

You can read more about how the Akita Agent watches your traffic on our blog:

To see how we do this, check out our open-sourced CLI here.

Keep your sensitive data safe

The Akita Agent only sends back request and response metadata to the Akita app. (The Akita Agent uses a salted hash on payload data and never unhashes.) This means Akita never sees potentially sensitive data in your requests and responses. Read more in our Data Access & Handling Policy.

Let Akita tell you about your APIs

The Akita cloud uses advanced traffic analysis algorithms to automatically infer endpoint structure (including path parameters), data types, authentications, and more. This means that instead of requiring you to write API specs or make dashboards, the Akita app does the work for you.