Docker and Container Platforms

Getting started with Akita is as simple as dropping our Agent into your container or Dockerfile. Once we’re in, we gather all the data you need and surface it in the Akita app so you can easily see what your system is doing.


Heroku and Render Not Supported

Sorry, we do not currently support Heroku or Render users. We do have experimental support for Django.

There are many ways to use the Akita Agent with Docker. We support the following:

  1. Docker Run
  2. Docker Compose
  3. AWS ECS & Fargate (via docker compose)
  4. AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  5. Azure Web Apps
  6. Google Cloud Run
  8. Docker Host Network
  9. AWS ECS Host Network
  10. Other Docker-based Platforms
  11. Internal Network
  12. Akita Credentials in a Volume
  13. Docker Desktop Extension


Want to try Akita without installing the Agent?

If you want to see Akita map out an API spec from one of your favorite websites, check out our OpenAPI Spec Generator Chrome extension.