System Requirements

The Akita agent should work out-of-the-box for any system that supports packet capture. (And if you don't have such a system, we have some solutions as well.)

Here's how to figure out if you can run the Akita client on your traffic:

Integrating Akita with staging and production

The Akita Client uses eBPF-based packet capture to monitor API traffic to your services, and so we run in any deployment environment that supports packet capture, for instance on your own servers and on AWS.

See Where Should I Run the Akita Client? for platforms we have tested and provide instructions for.

Running on platform-as-a-service

If you're running a platform-as-a-service solution, for instance AWS Lambda, Heroku, or Aptible, we're currently working to expand our support. Here are our current solutions:

What if I don't meet the system requirements?

You can still try out a limited form of Akita's API model generation feature using browsers or a proxy.

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