Customize Health Check Filtering

To help you focus on the endpoints that matter, Akita automatically categorizes your endpoints as health checks, Kubernetes, Prometheus, etc., and hides these categorized endpoints away by default. Ideally, any uncategorized endpoints left over are the ones that are relevant to your service.

But no automatic procedure is perfect! If you find that an endpoint is incorrectly hidden or shown, you can fix this with the following steps.

  1. At the top of the API Model page, click on Edit.
  1. Browse your API and choose endpoints that are incorrectly hidden (or incorrectly shown) by clicking the checkbox next to the endpoint. To show these endpoints by default, choose Uncategorize at the top of the page. To hide them by default, choose Hide.
  1. Wait for the next update to your model (less than 10 minutes). Endpoints that you have uncategorized will appear in Uncategorized. Endpoints that you have hidden will appear in the Hidden category (example below).

What’s Next