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The only observability tool to build API behaviour models, Akita enables API-centric system monitoring and allows users to automatically detect breaking changes.

More about how Akita works

With Browser HAR Files

Akita can ingest traces in the form of HAR files and convert them into API specs. This offers a lightweight approach to understand APIs that power mobile or web applications. HTTP Archive format (HAR) is a common way for browsers to record network interactions with a site. Mobile developer proxies like Charles also generate HAR files.

Convert HAR File to API Spec

All you need is a single command to convert a HAR file into an API spec:

akita apispec --traces path/to/trace.har \
  --out akita://myService:spec:mySpec

Learn more about the apispec command here.

How to Generate a HAR File for Your Website

In this example, we're going to generate a HAR file for a website by using Google Chrome developer tools.

Step 1: Navigate to the website and start network log recording

Navigate to the website you want to test and right click -> inspect to bring up the developer console.

Select the Network tab and you should see that it's currently recording.

Step 2: Interact with the website to collect data

As you click around and type on the website, Chrome collects all the network requests in the background.

Step 3: Download HAR file

Once you're satisfied with the set of data collected, click on the download button to download the HAR file.


No Download Button?

If you don't see download button shown in the previous screenshot, it might be because you have the Chrome Developer Tools window to the right (or left) of your screen, rather than on the bottom. That sometimes causes the download button to be hidden.

Either try expanding the width of the Chrome Developer Tools window, or click the "Settings" icon (the gray widget in the top right of the window) and change the orientation.

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With Browser HAR Files

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