Other Ways to Build API Models

Not all platforms allow applications to capture packets from the local network. Akita has alpha support for other methods of capturing traffic, ranging from middleware to proxies to client-side capture.


Akita can capture requests and responses to your APIs as a middleware layer on your servers, although this will require code modifications.

We currently have experimental middleware for:


HTTP Archive (HAR) files store API requests and responses. You can use a proxy (e.g. the Charles proxy) to export a HAR file containing a snapshot of traffic traversing the proxy and use the Akita Client to upload the HAR file.

See With Proxies.

This method is best suited for trialing Akita, because each HAR file must be uploaded manually. This makes it easy to run once and submit results to Akita, but difficult to monitor your API traffic continuously. Please reach out to us if you are interested in using Akita with a proxy to continuously monitor your production deployment.

Client-side Packet Capture

If packet capture is not possible where your services have been deployed, you can try capturing traffic on the client side.

This method is best suited for trialing Akita. Because it only captures traffic from a single client, it is not suited for continuously monitoring your production deployment.

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