Set up the App


Private Beta

Akita is currently in private beta. If you are not part of the private beta, you will need to request an invite before continuing. Get an invite.

Before capturing traffic, you first need to set up an account through the Akita console, create a project to associate traffic with, and create an API key to authenticate the Akita client. The first time you sign in, you will see an onboarding workflow. You can always get back to it later by following this link.

Create a project

On the onboarding page, enter a project name and click "Create Project". If you have already created a project, this section will not be present – continue on to the next step.

Give your project a name that's easy to remember – you'll need it later, when you start the Akita client on the CLI.

Generate an API key

In the next section of the onboarding page, you can generate an API key.

Be sure to copy the API key secret before you close the popup window! Once closed, you will not be able to see the secret again.

What’s Next

Next, you'll install the Akita CLI client, which you can use to capture traffic to your services.

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