[Alpha] Explore Changes to Your Endpoints


Alpha feature

This is an alpha feature that we haven't turned on for all users yet. If you're interested and don't see a "Change Report" tab, please get in touch!

Our API change analysis capability allows you to track changes to your API behavior over time, including endpoints added, removed, or that exhibit performance changes.

To get started, navigate to Change Report in the left sidebar of the Akita UI.


Track changes by service

At the top of the page, you can see change summaries by service. Click the "eye" icon to show or hide results by service.


Track endpoint changes

The Endpoints changed section shows endpoints that have structural changes, such as fields added or removed, or fields with data formats that have changed.


Track missing endpoints

The Not seen endpoints section tracks endpoints that haven't received traffic recently. You can show endpoints that have been unused in the past day, three days, or week.


New endpoints

The New endpoints section shows endpoints that received traffic for the first time.


Performance highlights

Finally, the Performance highlights section calls out changes to the P99 latency Akita observed for each endpoint. By default, it shows endpoints where performance has degraded by 20% or more.