[Alpha] Alerts Slack Integration


We're in alpha!

Akita's Slack integration is an alpha feature. Talk to us to try it out. If you're not in our beta, create your account here.

Akita allows you to track alerts from your API monitors easily within your Slack workspace. The Akita Slack app integrates directly into your workspace and will enable you to receive API monitor notifications in your chosen channel.


Installing the Slack App

Navigate to the Alerts tab in the Akita web app. Once there, select the "Add to Slack" button to install the Akita slack app.


Once clicked, the web app will open a new window to authorize the Akita Slack app in your chosen workspace and channel. After choosing, select "Allow" and verify that the Akita app integrated successfully into Slack.


You should then see that you've integrated the Slackbot.